JOB TITLE: Scheduler

SUPERVISOR: Patient Communication Coordinator

HOURS PER WEEK: 40 (M-F 8:30-5:30)/Non-exempt

DEPARTMENT: Patient Communications

The following information is designed to outline the essential functions and position requirements of this
job. It does not identify all tasks that may be expected, nor address the performance standards that must be

PRIMARY FUNCTION: To receive appointment calls from in-house and outside the Clinic and to
schedule appointments.

1. Schedule appointments daily via computer according to established guidelines.*
2. Retrieve scheduling voice mail messages and return calls or direct message to appropriate party.*
3. Cover other areas of department, as needed.
4. Assist Administration/Business Office with various tasks, as needed.
5. Process deceased and dismissed patient information, as needed.
6. Check confirmation status of Downtown immigration appointments, as needed.
7. Attend work regularly as scheduled.*
8. Attend department meetings.
9. Participate as an active team member in a patient-centered medical home.
10. Other duties as assigned.
11. Employees will not be discourteous or disrespectful to a customer or any member of the public while in
the course and scope of company business.*
12. Work in a cooperative manner with management/supervision, coworkers, customers and vendors.*
13. Abide by company policies.*

High School Diploma or Equivalent

Values team success
Compassionate, patient, tactful, diplomatic, sociable, well organized, thorough, and independent
Shows an interest in taking action to increase his/her knowledge and development as an employee
Contributes to an environment where people feel valued
Keyboarding skills
Electronic Health Record competency
Proficiency in medical software and Microsoft Windows
Organizational skills and ability to prioritize work flow
Oral communication skills and excellent phone etiquette with an ability to convey and receive information
via the telephone
Competency in language, grammar, and spelling
Ability to interact and establish a good rapport with people over the telephone and in person, often in
stressful situations
Capability of effectively working on more than one task without a reduction in the quality of work and
service performed
Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations and to work under pressure
Ability to accept responsibility and use initiative to proceed with necessary tasks without direct supervision
Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with patients and staff