Medical Doctors (MDs) for Coronavirus Symptomatic Evalutions

Seeking Medical Doctors (MDs) for COVID-19 Video Symptomatic Evalutions

Contract, PRN

Omaha, Nebraska

ESADoggy is looking for forward-thinking Medical Doctors (MDs) looking to perform video symptomatic evaluations.

ESAD International is a very well-established technology company (established 1996) that now specializes in attracting patients seeking approval for an assistance animal by acting as an information gathering site for health care practitioners in the US.

We connect patients seeking COVID-19 evaliations with Medical Doctors (MDs) who can best serve their needs in their area.

Providers who sign on with us can concentrate on practicing medicine while we optimize search results for this service, screen prospective patients, handle billing and ensure your patients’ privacy.

These clients are provided free of charge with no 'cost of acquisition' to the provider. Our compensation is based on fair market value (Zip Recruiter), not private practice upper-end. Additionally, all future revenue (fees, renewals, revisits, etc.) is 100% realized by your practice.

Read more about working with our team here . Here’s what we do for you:

We have a stellar reputation and zealously guard it.

Leverage our many years of experience, proprietary technology, and extraordinary customer service in this market space.

We will drive new clients to your practice.

Clients will have completed our rigorous HIPAA-compliant intake screening.

We offer competitive compensation.

Workflow is streamlined.

All future referrals and visits can be booked from your office, dramatically increasing your bottom line for these clients. About this job.

PRN position.

1099 contract agreement.

Must be able to practice independently. Unprofessional behavior.

Quite honestly, don't be flaky.

We've spent years building our stellar online reputation - and it's taken a lot of work, pride, and attention to detail. To help with that, we've built a team of reliable and accountable professionals. They realize we do everything by the book, doing our best to protect their license, and in return, our team members understand a "bad Google review" lands on our toes, not theirs.

Everyone is busy. Everyone gets lots of email. If we have to chase you, we're going to cut you loose. Twenty-four hours is the maximum you should take before you respond, even it is a simple acknowledgement. Then you can establish a reasonable time to respond and manage expectations.

Missing appointments.

We appreciate the occassional mulligan, so we have a one-time tolerance for a missed event. The second time? There is no second time. Why work with ESADoggy?

We will limit your brand exposure to some of the stigma still associated with emotional support animals while we find you more patients. We’ll drive those patients to your practice, generate greater revenue, and offload the work by :

Handling all patient screening and scheduling.

Answering all patient questions and concerns.

Handling all credit card processing and fees, chargebacks, and other issues.

Not charging upfront costs, out-of-pocket expenses, or hidden fees.

This PRN position is to join our medical health network. You are not being hired by ESAD.

Job functions :

Develop personal medical relationship with client

Provide Emotional Animal Support Letters of Recommendation.

Maintain accurate client documentation.

Documents all client contact and activity in an accurate, professional and timely manner.

Commitment to ESAD's philosophy and mission.

Embodies principles of ESAD's Code of Conduct at all times.

Ethics matter to us - a lot.

We are built on the old school principles of the golden rule, treating everyone with respect and dignity, and being accountable for our words and actions. Learn more about our ethics and ethos .